Monday, September 25, 2006

Revisiting a Thin Issue

So after Madrid fashion week brought the focus on models and image issues, it seems they opened a breach in the dyke that had kept at bay viewpoints that expressed reservations about female image and health issues. London fashion week followed up by stating that they were not going to tell designers who to choose as models and how to run their shows. The culture secretary for the UK, Tessa Jowell, joined the debate with a call to follow the Spanish example. Well, anyway, all to no avail.

But. Surprise! Milan fasion week has stated that it won't participate in the exploitation of young women and has announced a new code that models need to adhere to in order to participate. In order to participate, models will have to carry a medical certificate showing they are healthy. Young school-age girls need a guardian accompanying them. The code also combats the exploitation of vulnerable women who fall prey to unlicensed operators who talk them into having sex in the hopes of attaining their dreams.

Ok, before anyone goes around thinking, I have something against skinny women, let me say that I acknowledge that some women can be naturally thin. The issue with me is not the thinness- it is the imposition of an ideal. It is the restriction of a natural range. That is why I think Milan's actions go further than Spain's. I think Spain's heart was in the right place when they tried to curb an epidemic of body-image illnesses. By asking models to show a medical guarantee of health, Milan says whatever size you are- you gotta be healthy.

I love to see policy being formulated by the users. Let's see how this keeps developing.

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